Mahoning County Children Services is the county’s single agency empowered to provide public care and services to children as set forth in Chapter 5153 of the Ohio Revised Code. Public services to children in Ohio began in 1866 with the passage of the Children’s Home Law that enabled counties to build and maintain child care institutions for dependent and neglected children. In 1946, the passage of the Comprehensive Children Services Act mandated that each county provide social services for children and their families.

In Mahoning County it all started with the Glenwood Children’s Home that was operational from 1900 until 1934. At that time the institution was closed in favor of foster family care. In 1935 the trustees of the Glenwood Children’s Home became the Mahoning County Child Welfare Board. In 1946 the State of Ohio passed the Comprehensive Children Services Act and the agency became the Child Welfare Board, offering foster care and adoptive services. In the mid-sixties the agency became the Children Services Board and began conducting investigations of child abuse and neglect.

In 1963 the first Receiving Home was purchased for short-term care of children. This home was replaced by the William Swanston Receiving Home in 1990. In 1967 the first group home for boys was opened. The second boys’ home opened in 1972. These two homes were consolidated into what is now known as the Boys Child Care Center in 1983. The Girls Child Care Center opened in 1968. Many of the services provided by the agency are mandated by the Ohio Revised Code, including investigations, in-home protective services, foster family care, adoption and group care. Services are funded through a variety of local, state and federal sources.

Mahoning County Children Services represents more than 100 years of compassionate service to children and their families. It is a rich history of “protecting children and preserving families” through the provision of a broad range of social services to Mahoning County residents. Current services present a continuum of assistance to families: case management; protective services; information and referral, service planning, unmarried parent services; homemaker services; parent education; crisis services; therapeutic foster care; emergency shelter; group home services; residential care; adoption; post-adoption services; life skills/independent living; and substitute care.

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