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Dantae is a little over one year old!  He is working on walking independently and on talking! He attends daycare and is said to interact positively with peers. Dantae wore a head shaping device for a period of time and  although he has been released by the doctor,  his current foster family continues to have him wear the device to continue with the reshaping process.

Dantae recently had his first haircut and is as handsome as ever!  He usually sleeps through the night and is no longer drinking from the bottle.

If you are interested in providing Dantae with permanency through adoption and would like to  learn more about Dantae’s needs, please have your worker contact Elizabeth Kollar, 330-941-8888, or have them forward your home study to this worker at:  Elizabeth.Kollar




For more information, please contact Elizabeth Kollar or call 330-941-8888

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