Children Available for Adoption



Kierra- Born January 2000


Marcus - Born December 2000








Kierra and Marcus are part of a sibling group.  Kierra is turning 16 and is doing well in her current placement.  Kierra enjoys arts and crafts, singing and dancing.  She is on an IEP and got all A’s last nine weeks!  Marcus is doing well in the family foster home in which he currently resides.  He is turning 15 and is also doing well in school!  He played football in the Fall and wishes to go out for track in the Spring.  Kierra would do well in a home with no other children and at least one mom.  Marcus would like a two parent traditional home with other children and pets!


If you are interested in providing permanency for either or both of these children, please have your worker contact Elizabeth Kollar at 330-941-8888, email:


For more information, please contact Elizabeth Kollar 
or call 330-941-8888

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