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 Tshombee and Devanere

Born - 2012 -2011











These two cuties are full of energy and their smiles will brighten up anyone’s day. Tshombee is 5 years old. He loves school and is doing well in his Kindergarten class. He love attention and interacting with his peers. Devanere is 4 years old and enjoys staying active and busy. He thinks he is the boss and catches on to things quickly. They are bonded to one another as well as their foster parent. These children would thrive in a home with structure and lots of activities to keep them busy. Tshombee and Devanere are part of a sibling group and there are two other older siblings (Ja’tay, 15 and Chant’e, 16) available. We would like the children to stay together if possible but, do not want to prolong the permanency.


If you are interested in providing permanency for these children please have your worker contact Sarah Pinciaro at 330-941-8888 or by email at




For more information, please contact Sarah Pinciaro or call 330-941-8888

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