Children Available for Adoption

Clayton - Born December 7, 1998

Clayton is an energetic and charming 14-year-old young man who is a pleasure to spend time with.  He is easy to engage in conversation regarding video games, school, football and going out to eat.  He recently celebrated his birthday with his foster family and was excited to have his first birthday cake and party in his honor.  He enjoys spending time at the local Boys and Girls club playing basketball, computer time and group activities.  He likes spending time with his 16-year-old foster brother and considers him, “pretty cool”.  He likes school but doesn’t like all of his classes.  In his last foster placement, he was elected by his peers to the Student Senate which he really liked participating in.  Clayton has a brother in foster care which he does not currently live with.  He is able to spend time with his brother on a bi-weekly basis during sibling visits.  It is very important to both boys to continue this relationship when placed in an adoptive home.


For more information, please contact Beth Kollar or call 330-941-8888

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