Children Available for Adoption


Born December 30, 1999


Nicholas is an energetic child.  Nicholas has a great love for animals and also likes football.  His behaviors in the classroom can be a challenge; however he is working on this to be successful academically. 

Nicholas has a sibling who recently emancipated from the foster care system.   Nicholas and his brother have a great bond and both continue to maintain this relationship as it is important to both siblings. 

Nicholas has experienced multiple moves and requires a highly structured environment to ensure a safe setting. He desires a family who is willing to make a commitment to him as he works through his behavioral issues. If you would like to help this young man by providing him with permanency in a created family, please have your worker contact:  Constance Massey-Hight at (330) 941-8888 or email at


For more information, please contact Constance Massey-Hight or call 330-941-8888

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