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Treshaud - Born February 2000







COMMITMENT is going to be priority #1


Treshaud “Tre” is a young man who knows what he wants.  He is smart, healthy, and loves to play video games of all kinds!  Tre is currently in the eleventh grade.  He currently maintains his honor roll status at school and receives all A’s and B’s.  He states that school is easy if you “just pay attention”.  Tre has a healthy appetite and indulges in large meal sizes.  He is not a picky eater; however, pizza is his all-time favorite.  Tre also enjoys planning and preparing meals in the home. He likes playing most outdoor sports, especially football.  Tre would like to be on a sports team once he is placed in an adoptive home.  He craves the camaraderie a group of friends could bring into his life.  He often attends faith based programs in the community, such as the church with his current foster family and enjoys the companionship of fellow church members. If you would like to help this young man by providing him with permanency in a created family, please have your worker contact:  Constance Massey-Hight at (330) 941-8888 or email at



For more information, please contact Constance Massey-Hight or call 330-941-8888

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